Would you like a tenant who pays on time every month for the entire property, regardless of empty rooms?

Bristol Living provides exactly that

• Guaranteed rent every month – no more voids
• Typically 3-5 year contacts
• No arrangement fees

• Property Maintained regular cleaners/gardeners
• Regular inspections
• Great tenants – all working professionals

• We pay all the bills
• Offer refurbishment
• Returned property in same or if not better condition

There is a serious shortage of high standard contemporary properties suitable for professional tenants. We can take these properties on giving you peace of mind to your landlords. We help you let more properties more quickly.

Are you subletting?

No. Bristol Living has a Management Agreement (drawn up by a property lawyer) in place between Bristol Living and the landlord. We then have separate AST’s on a room by room basis. We take a deposit from each tenant and it is then registered with the DPS scheme.

What rent do the landlords get?

When we value a property we take into consideration the location, amenities and condition. Based on this we offer a rental figure sometimes slightly lower than what they were currently getting. We make our money from the differential between the rent we pay the landlord and what we collect. We charge a premium for our rooms by modern furnishings cleaners regular maintenance and inclusive of all bills. If the tenant is late in paying that is our problem and does not affect the landlords monthly payment.

What type of tenants do you take on?

Due to our room specs we attract great tenants. We let exclusively to professional tenants, many come to us via the corporate partners for whom we provide relocation services. Each tenant is fully referenced see our landlord section.

Do you pay a deposit?

We do not pay a deposit. Instead we invest in the property over the period of the contract.

What types of properties are we looking for?

We take on typically 3 bedroom + properties in any condition. We consider furnished and unfurnished. We can decorate and refurbish the property and bring up to safety standards. This can all be discussed with you.