The perfect solution for landlords and investors

We can rent your property directly from you for a fixed-term tenancy typically from 3 – 5 years, paying you a guaranteed rent. We take responsibility and cost for the tenanting and routine bills. We provide a high level of maintenance and we return your property in the same if not better condition than before. You will have one single point of contact throughout the term of your contract. Our aim is to give you a hassle free hands off investment.

Do you pay a deposit?

We do not pay a deposit. Instead we invest in the property over the period of the contract.

Will you carry out inspections?

We conduct formal inspections every six months. However our cleaners are in our properties on a weekly basis so they keep us informed of any issues or maintenance that is required. This means any potential problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Will there be an issue with my mortgage & insurance provider?

We will also need consent from your mortgage and insurance company. There should not be a problem, as we have no security of tenure. We have a good insurance broker should you need one.

What type of properties do we look for?

We take on typically 3 bedroom + properties in any condition. We consider furnished and unfurnished. We can decorate and refurbish the property and bring up to safety standards. This can all be discussed with you.

What are your fees?

There are no fees to pay, no arrangement fees no referencing fees it’s all totally free. If you are with an agency you will have to pay your agency fees as usual. We make our money from the differential between the rent we pay you and what we collect. We charge a premium for our rooms by modern furnishings cleaners regular maintenance and including all bills. If the tenant is late in paying that is our problem and does not affect your monthly payment.

What kind of tenants do you attract?

We specialise in sourcing corporate and professional tenants. We are in contact with some of the larger companies in Bristol looking for corporate lets. We also conduct thorough reference checks, which include;

  • Previous landlord reference
  • Proof of employment (including their employment contract & 3 months pay slips)
  • Copy of passport
  • Visa check (if applicable)
  • National Insurance number
  • Car registration number
  • Proof of address via bank statement or utility bill
We do no not allow students or pets in any of our properties. Each tenant is given an AST and they pay their deposit to us, which we register with the government DPS scheme We will deal with tenants directly so once the contract is signed we will deal with everything giving you a hands off investment.

What contract will be in place?

We have a Management agreement between us and you the landlord and the AST’s are between Bristol Living and the tenants. This way we are not subletting. Effectively this makes Bristol Living your tenant for the duration of the contract. Typically contracts are drawn up over 3-5 years which gives us authority to run your property on your behalf.

How do I receive rent payments?

All our tenant payments are paid on the first of each month. We pay all our landlords on the 7th of each month. If the tenants fail to pay this is our problem and will not affect your rent payments.

What am I responsible for?

As a landlord you will still be responsible for the structure and exterior of your property. Any repair bill over £50 you will be responsible for. However as the manager of your property will do most of the work and can provide quotes for  any work done. All routine legal checks like EPC Gas Safety checks (annually) and electric checks (every 5 years). However we will remind you of these and can organise and pass through the expense. Or If you prefer to use your own tradespeople this can also be done.